The Challenge is On! How Long Can We Spin This Out For?

Life on High

It’s a new year and a new month….. which means, time for a new blogging game! Yay! Uh, you guys WERE looking forward to this, weren’t you?

So maybe some of you have noticed by now, but last month I failed to do a blogging game due to time constraints, stress, lack of inspiration, and just plain laziness. I’d originally intended to post one after I came back from vacation and then when that didn’t work out, after Christmas, but by then I figured no one really cared and if we all survived the end of the world, a new month would be here in no time.

And now here we are.


I thought long and hard about what would be interesting and fitting for this time of year, when we’re all still starry-eyed and full of ambition. And then I came upon the idea of a never-ending story…

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Why Good Writing Matters


A hand about to write

Years ago now, I recall a senior scientist who’d read a piece of my work saying doubtfully, ‘It’s very well-written. Very literary.’ The implication was clear: ‘But is it good science?’

With hindsight, I can agree: that particular effort wasn’t ace. I can’t even remember its title, and the obscurity’s well-deserved. What did stick was my surprise that my colleague (undoubtedly a good scientist) saw good science and good writing as not just independent, but even perhaps opposed, since science is all about precision and language is irretrievably vague.

Years later, I still have a problem with this.

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How To be Better at Your Job in 2013?


A good number of people go to college and get degrees in their field of interest, hoping to find a good job.  Finding the right job and keeping it can be a bit of a challenge – it’s not just about being able to do the job well, it involves a number of different aspects as well.  At the start of a new year, people do make resolutions to do things different and get a new start on their lives.  Here are a few ideas that can be implemented at the workplace to improve not only relationships but also improve prospects.

Tips on Improving Job Performance:

  • Anticipating Needs: Take the initiative to do provide information and support to your boss.  Finishing projects/products ahead of time and anticipating tasks associated with projects is a great way to gain recognition and responsibility.
  • Get to Know the Boss: It is a good idea to find out what they like and how they work so that you can anticipate their needs at work.
  • Stay Positive: A positive attitude can take a person to a new level – it can be expressed on the face, how one presents themselves and even with the tone of voice.  As long as one is aware that they are uniquely qualified for their jobs and do their best, every task contributes to the bottom line.  Rise to challenges at work and look at them as stepping stones to success.
  • Get familiar with industry trends:  Every sector in industry is changing constantly.  It is always a good idea to keep up by reading trade magazines, company websites or even financial newspapers to stay informed and get certifications or degrees, if necessary.  Information is power.
  • Coming up with Ideas: Offering ideas on projects or even solutions to current projects is a good way to get noticed.  This indicates that you are thinking of ways to get a project completed in an effective and timely manner – this will definitely lead to a leadership position in the future and more responsibility as well.
  • Finding a Mentor: Approach a superior or manager to teach you the ropes and get guidance.  Getting advice and finding different methods to improve job performance are a few things to discuss with a mentor.
  • Better communication skills:  Good skills in this area are a must in the workplace.  It is not that difficult to learn to speak boldly and clearly and be diplomatic as well.  If issues are not addressed in a timely and honest manner, this can lead to conflict down the road.
  • Work Hard:  Hard work is the best way to get noticed and move up the ladder.  When necessary, don’t let work hours restrict flow – do whatever it takes to complete a project.  Working smart is also recommended so that abilities and time are maximized.
  • Try not to be an overachiever:  Many people have this problem and get exhausted.  Try to schedule work smartly and delegate so that subordinates are not stressed out either.

Volunteering: Try to volunteer for different jobs regardless of whether it is in the same unit.  It will help a person to learn more about the company and also to connect with others in the company.